A New Era for Financial Services in Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) has today announced the formal launch of TCI Finance, a flagship initiative designed to protect, promote, develop, and grow TCI’s financial services sector, under the leadership of newly appointed CEO and international financial services expert, Paul Pirie.

Building on an existing legacy of excellence in financial services, TCI is home to an established network of world-class professionals, providing a solid foundation for the sector’s expansion.

TCI Finance has unveiled a comprehensive new positioning, brand and website, which will be the external platform to share TCI’s financial services offering with a wide international audience of finance professionals and high net worth individuals. 

With a vision to see TCI not just as a beautiful and high-end tourism destination, but as a flourishing centre of financial excellence, TCI Finance is primed to redefine the financial services industry in the Caribbean region and beyond. 

The new tagline ‘What Moves You,’ emphasises the understanding of the emotional and logical balance that drives financial decisions, speaking to the individualised support, expertise and experience that investors, financial service professionals and local residents of TCI can expect from TCI Finance’s evolution.  

On the occasion of the launch, TCI Finance CEO, Paul Pirie, commented:

“Choosing a financial services centre isn’t just about cold, hard facts. Decisions come from both heart and head – and we understand that in today’s world leaving our planet and communities in a better place is just as important as financial gain for many successful individuals and institutions. TCI isn’t just a flourishing financial hub; it’s a chosen home for an astute community of Ultra-High Net Worth individuals. Their trust in our services underscores the high standards and expertise already available in our financial sector. 

“TCI Finance works in the best interests of investors, institutions, and our own citizens to develop the Turks and Caicos Islands and foster a thriving, inclusive IFC community built on a foundation of social and economic growth. 

“We are renowned for our high-end tourism and real estate product, and as such TCI serves as the perfect backdrop to cultivate a new and exciting financial services hub. We aim to unlock untapped opportunities, new markets, and work with our partners in a way that recognises that financial and investment decisions always involve more than logic and numbers. Financial Services is a people’s business and TCI is a people’s place”

This new chapter in TCI Finance’s story is bolstered by an exceptional board of renowned and trusted individuals in the TCI finance arena including David Stewart, Athenee Harvey-Basden, Hon. E. Jay Saunders, Drexwell Seymour, and Angela Musgrove. Their combined expertise, along with the operational leadership of CEO Paul Pirie and Executive Assistant Vanessa Hall, positions TCI Finance to attract investment in the financial services industry, aiming to ensure transformative and lasting developments in economy, infrastructure, and communities. 

The initiative is set to establish TCI as a premier International Financial Centre, excelling in insurance, banking, family office, fiduciary and trust services, whilst building on its reputation as a luxury destination where you can make lasting and meaningful connections while you to live, work and invest. 

Deputy Premier, Hon. E Jay Saunders added: “The launch of TCI Finance will prove to be a significant milestone and a major leap forward for the Turks and Caicos Islands as it emerges as a trusted, sustainable, and forward thinking international financial centre.

“We all share the same goals in the pursuit of economic diversification and prosperity, and I call on the local community, government agencies and the private sector to pull together and work closely to support the growth of TCI as an international financial centre, which will create high quality opportunities for our citizens and improve lives.”

The new TCI website will launch on 10th January and will highlight the extensive opportunities on offer in various sectors including trusts, banking, family office, insurance, accounting, fiduciary, and legal services. Welcoming this new era for financial services in TCI does not mean we’re starting from zero; instead, we are accelerating from a position of strength, propelled by the exceptional quality of our existing infrastructure and the individuals who choose to invest and reside on our islands.