Invested in doing good

Choosing a financial services centre isn’t just about cold, hard facts. Decisions come from both heart and head - and we understand that leaving the world a better place is just as important as financial success for many financial services professionals.

TCI Finance works in the best interests of investors, institutions, islanders and individuals to develop the Turks and Caicos and foster a thriving community and IFC with a foundation of social and economic growth.

Our Mission

To protect, promote, develop and grow the TCI financial services industry through engagement and collaboration with domestic and international governments, regulators, organisations, citizens and media.

Our Vision

To create a sustainable and inclusive financial landscape delivering elite financial services to forward thinking investors - a place where businesses, communities, families and ecosystems thrive together.


Finding the right people to work with isn’t just about skills and experience - that should be a given. It’s about building an emotional connection with people you trust, safe in the knowledge that all your requirements are met responsibly and with humanity. Our operational team and Board of Directors is made up of established, well-respected members of the global financial services industry, Turks and Caicos government, supporting agencies and leading businesspeople from the private sector. These experts oversee the work of TCI Finance, setting the overall strategy while supporting, encouraging and guiding its implementation with your needs top-of-mind.


Team member

Angela Musgrove

CEO, Invest TCI

The powerhouse CEO behind an impressive success at Invest TCI, and an objective and conscientious leader channeling Foreign Direct Investment into TCI, and an invaluable partner for TCI Finance.

Team member

David Stewart

Managing Director, Coriats Trust Company, Partner G&P Group

Not only a pillar of the community and a legend in international Wealth Management, but also a major unwavering force behind the success of TCI’s Financial Services sector.

Team member

Athenee Harvery-Basden

Permanent Secretary in Finance: Turks & Caicos Islands Government

The consummate professional, always calm and considered – exactly what you need from someone who holds the purse strings of the Islands.

Team member

Hon. E. Jay Saunders

Minister of Finance, Trade & Investment and Deputy Premier:  Turks & Caicos Islands Government

A tech savvy Minister of Finance and Artificial Intelligence guru – a powerful member of any board, and someone who can truly envisage and drive our future financial landscape.

Team member

Drexwell Seymour

Partner, HLB TCI

A man of the people, author, and media personality as well as an accomplished businessman, Drex keeps us grounded and focused on our mission and core values.

Team member

Ryan Blain

WB Financial Management, Founding Partner and Board Member

The most sought-after treasurer in the region, and for very good reason – financial expertise, attention to detail, transparency, and a strategic mindset, ensuring sound fiscal management and integrity in decision-making.

Team member

SallyJean Astwood

Senior Financial Accountant, Fortis TCI

Team member

Marcus Samuel

Bankers Association of TCI/ British Caribbean Bank

Everyone needs a banker, right? Especially when they chair the regional bankers’ association, with an energetic, determined, and innovative attitude to change.

Team member

Niguel Streete

Managing Director, TCI Financial Services Commission

Imagine having a single Financial Services regulator, with a collaborative and proactive approach to regulation. That’s what we have in TCI where the Financial Services Commission is at the heart of our trustworthy and sustainable financial landscape.

The international finance centre that moves you.

When it comes to wealth management and financial services, you can have it all in TCI. Put your faith in the emerging leader in international finance and achieve your personal and professional goals while investing in somewhere you’ll love.